Format for IAPT's silver medals:
Year(s) of award = year or years for which the award was made. In recent years a rotating system was adopted where an award was made for a two-year or three-year period.
Year of presentation = year award was presented, usually at a national or international meeting.
Awardee (city): Publication = the work awarded, with information for authors, institutional affiliations (as stated in the works honored), title, and year of publication.

The Engler Medal in Silver

(medal sensu lato): Established 1986, awarded annually, 1987- 2001, and presented 1990-2002

Year of award Year of presentation Awardee (city) Publication
1987 1990 Natalie W. Uhl (Cornell) & John Dransfield (Kew) Genera palmarum (1987) [ed. 2 2008 by Dransfield & al.]
1988 1990 Elmar Robbrecht (Meise) Tropical woody Rubiaceae (1988)
1989 1990 Peter Taylor (Kew) The genus Utricularia: A taxonomic monograph (1989)
1990 1993 Warren L. Wagner, Darrell R. Herbst & Sy H. Sohmer (all Honolulu) Manual of flowering plants of Hawai`i (1990, 2 vols.) [ed. 2 1999]
1991 1993 Rupert C. Barneby (New York) Sensitivae censitae: A description of the genus Mimosa Linnaeus (Mimosaceae) in the New World (1991)
1992 1993 Rudolf M. Schuster (Amherst) The Hepaticae and Anthocerotae of North America east of the hundredth meridian, vols. 5, 6 (1992) [vols. 1-4, 1966-80]
1993 1996 Peter C. Boyce (Kew) The genus Arum (1993)
1993 1996 Donald John McGillivray (formerly Sydney) Grevillea, Proteaceae: A taxonomic revision (1993)
1994 1996 Grady L. Webster (Davis) Synopsis of the genera and suprageneric taxa of the Euphorbiaceae. Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 81: 33-144 (1994)
1995 - no award, because two medals were given for 1993
1996 1999 James L. Luteyn (New York) Ericaceae (1996) [in Flora of Ecuador]
1997 1999 Aljos Farjon (Kew) & Brian T. Styles (Oxford) (deceased 1993) Pinus (Pinaceae) (1997) [in Flora neotropica]
1998 1999 Kade Sidiyasa (Leiden) Taxonomy, phylogeny, and wood anatomy of Alstonia (Apocynaceae) (1998)
1999 1999 Rudolf Schmid (Berkeley), a Special Engler Medal in Silver for his accomplishments as editor of the "Reviews and notices of publications" column of Taxon since its February 1986 issue
1999 2001 Walter S. Judd (Gainesville), Christopher S. Campbell (Orono), Elizabeth A. Kellogg (St. Louis) & Peter F. Stevens (St. Louis) Plant systematics: A phylogenetic approach (1999) [eds. 2-3 2002, 2008]
2000 2001 H. Walter Lack (Berlin): Ein Garten für die Ewigkeit: Der Codex Liechtenstein and A garden, eternity: The codex Liechtenstein (2000) [Ger. ed. 2, 2003]
2001 2002 David G. Frodin (Kew) Guide to standard floras of the world, 2nd ed. (2001) [ed. 1 1984]

The Engler Medal in Silver

(medal sensu stricto): Established 2002, awarded 2002-date, and presented 2003-date

Year of award Year of presentation Awardee (city) Publication
2002 2003 Scott A. Mori (New York), Georges Cremers (Paris), Carol A. Gracie (New York), Jean-Jacques de Granville (Cayenne), Scott V. Heald (New York), Michel Hoff (Paris) & John D. Mitchell (New York) Guide to the vascular plants of central French Guiana, pt. 2, Dicotyledons (2002) [pt. 1, Pteridophytes, gymnosperms, and monocotyledons, 1997; pt. 3, Mosses, 2003; pt. 4, Liverworts and hornworts, 2009]
2003 2004Editorial Committee of the Flora of Taiwan (Huang Tseng-Chieng, ed.-in-chief) (Teipei) Flora of Taiwan, 2nd ed. (1994-2003, 6 vols., suppl.) [ed. 1 1975-79, 6 vols.]
2004 2006 John T. Mickel (New York) & Alan R. Smith (Berkeley) The pteridophytes of Mexico (2004) [2007 corr. PB reissue in 2 pts.]
2004 2008 Lourens Poorter (Wageningen), F. Bongers (Wageningen), F.N. Kouamé (Abidjan) & W.D. Hawthorne (Oxford) (ed.) Biodiversity of West African forests: An ecological atlas of woody plant species (2004)
2005 no award
2006 2008 Howard Page Wood (Philadelphia) The dendrobiums (2006)
2007-08 2009 David J. Mabberley (Seattle, Leiden, Sydney) Mabberley's Plant-book, 3rd ed. (2008) [eds. 1-2 1987, 1997]
2009-11 2014 Hong Kong Herbarium & South China Botanical Garden (Hong Kong) (ed.) Flora of Hong Kong, 4 vols. (2007-11)
2012, 2013 2014 H. (Henk) J. Beentje [& al.] (Kew) (ed.) Flora of tropical East Africa [FTEA], 263 fascs. (1952-2012)

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