Established 2002, awarded 2002-date, and presented 2004-date

Year of award Year of presentation Awardee (city) Publication
2002 2004 David B. Lellinger (Washington) A modern multilingual glossary for taxonomic pteridology (2002)
2003 no award
2004 2005 Daniel H. Nicolson & F. Raymond Fosberg (deceased 1993) (both Washington) The Forsters and the botany of the Second Cook Expedition (1772-1775), 2nd. ed. (2004) [ed. 1 2003]
2005 2006 Henry J. Noltie (Edinburgh) The botany of Robert Wight (2005)
2006-07 2008 Charlie Jarvis (London) Order out of chaos: Linnaean plant names and their types (2007)
2008-10 2011 Jim Endersby (Sussex) Imperial nature: Joseph Hooker and the practices of Victorian science (2008)
2011-12 2014 Charles Boewe (Pittsboro) The life of C.S. Rafinesque, a man of uncommon zeal (2011) and accompanying CD-ROM The correspondence of C.S. Rafinesque (2011)

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