Established 2002, awarded 2003-date, and presented 2004-date

Year of award Year of presentation Awardee (city) Publication
2002 no award
2003 2004 Loren H. Rieseberg (Bloomington), Olivier Raymond (Lyon), David M. Rosenthal (Athens), Zhao Lai (Bloomington), Kevin Livingstone (Bloomington), Takuya Nakazato (Bloomington), Jennifer L. Durphy (Bloomington), Andrea E. Schwarzbach (Kent), Lisa A. Donovan (Athens) & Christian Lexer (Bloomington) Major ecological transitions in wild sunflowers facilitated by hybridization. Science 301: 1211-1216 (2003)
2004 2005 Ulfar Bergthorsson, Aaron O. Richardson, Gregory J. Young, Leslie R. Goertzen & Jeffrey D. Palmer (all Bloomington) Massive horizontal transfer of mitochondrial genes from diverse land plant donors to the basal angiosperm Amborella. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 101: 17747-17752 (2004)
2005 2006 Douglas E. Soltis (Gainesville), Pamela E. Soltis (Gainesville), Peter K. Endress (Z├╝rich) & Mark W. Chase (Kew) Phylogeny and evolution of angiosperms (2005)
2006 2007 Changbao Li, Ailing Zhou & Tao Sang (all East Lansing) Rice domestication by reducing shattering. Science 311: 1936-1939 (2006)
2007-09 2010 Vicki A. Funk (Washington), Alfonso Susanna (Barcelona), Tod F. Stuessy (Vienna) & Randall J. Bayer (Memphis) (ed.) Systematics, evolution, and biogeography of Compositae (2009)
2010-12 2013 pending

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