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Taxonomy and evolution of Jacquemontia Choisy (Convolvulaceae)

Maria Teresa Buril (PPGBV – Universidade Federal de Pernambuco)

Supervisors: Dr. Marccus Alves (UFPE), Dr. Mark Carine (NHM)

Jacquemontia comprises around 120 species distributed mainly on tropical America, with few species on Africa and Asia. The genus was only treated in 1971 by Robertson on North and Central America. Now, with this PhD project, we are revising the Brazilian species, where is the diversity center. The project includes the pillars of morphology, palynology and molecular analysis and aims to understand the taxonomic issues surrounding the delimitation and circumscription of Jacquemontia.

The IAPT grant gave us the support necessary to develop the molecular analysis under the supervision of Dr. Mark Carine, on the Natural History Museum (London, UK). We were able analyze either nuclear and chloroplastidial regions that we will integrate with the morphological data to answer our questions on how evolved Jacquemontia. The analysis were developed on the Museum between july and november 2011, and we already have some very exciting results.


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