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Evolutionary and systematic studies of the genus Tristagma (Amaryllidaceae)

Lic. Agostina B. Sassone, PhD. Student at Buenos Aires University and fellow at the Instituto de Botánica Darwinion (IBODA, CONICET-ANCEFN; SI herbarium), San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Advisor: PhD. Liliana Giussani

The main goal of my PhD. thesis is to contribute to the systematic of the genus Tristagma using phylogenetic, morphological and taxonomic approaches. As part of this project, I proposed exploring different regions, where endemic species of Tristagma grow in Argentina, with emphasis on poorly sampled areas.

The IAPT Research Plant Program in Plant Systematic 2014 provided the financial support necessary to perform field work in Argentina. During the collection trip, I examined different species of Tristagma in the field; collected herbarium material which was stored at SI with duplicates in MERL, flowers were stored in FAA and leaves in silica gel to perform morphological and molecular studies, respectively. A total of 24 specimens belonging to five species of Tristagma and two closely related genera to Tristagma (Nothoscordum and Latace), were collected in Patagonia and Cuyo geographical regions.

Back at the Institute, three molecular markers (ITS, matK and ndhF) are being sequenced and they will be analyzed individually and combined by Parsimony and Bayesian inference; in order to elucidate relationships within Tristagma and related groups. Also, morphological and phenetic studies are being performed. These results, together with the geographical distribution, will help defining taxonomic entities, and will contribute to distinguish diagnostic morphological features to complete the systematic revision of the genus.


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