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Systematic and biogeography of Schinus (Anacardiaceae)

Cíntia Luíza da Silva Luz, University of Sao Paulo

I am developing my Ph.D. at University of São Paulo. The main goal of the thesis project is to contribute to the systematic of the Schinus using a phylogenetic approach designed to generate hypothesis about the evolution and biogeography history of the genus. The IAPT Research Plant Program in Plant Systematic 2014 provided financial support to visit the MCNS herbarium collection and to perform field work to collected samlpes of Argentinean Schinus. In this expedition I was able to study Schinus populations, endemic species and to colect material for morphological and molecular studies, about 28 specimens from which 25 are Schinus species and three genera are closely related to Schinus (table 1).

Schinus jonhstoniiC.L. Silva-Luz 265
Schinus johnstoniiC.L. Silva-Luz 266
Schinus johnstoniiC.L. Silva-Luz 267
Schinus johnstoniiC.L. Silva-Luz 268
Schinus johnstoniiC.L. Silva-Luz 269
Schinus johnstoniiC.L. Silva-Luz 270
Schinus marchandiiC.L. Silva-Luz 271
Schinus marchandiiC.L. Silva-Luz 272
Schinus odonelliiC.L. Silva-Luz 274
Schinus odonelliiC.L. Silva-Luz 275
Schinus piliferus var. cabraraeC.L. Silva-Luz 276
Schinus bumelioidesC.L. Silva-Luz 277
Schinus piliferus var. cabraraeC.L. Silva-Luz 278
Schinus piliferusC.L. Silva-Luz 279
Schinus praecoxC.L. Silva-Luz 280
Schinus praecoxC.L. Silva-Luz 281
Schinus bumelioidesC.L. Silva-Luz 282
Schinus fasciculatusC.L. Silva-Luz 283
Schinopsis marginataC.L. Silva-Luz 284
Schinopsis marginataC.L. Silva-Luz 285
Loxopterygium grisebachiiC.L. Silva-Luz 286
Schinus fasciculatusC.L. Silva-Luz 287
Schinus myrtifoliusC.L. Silva-Luz 288
Schinus molleC.L. Silva-Luz 289
Schinus fasciculatusC.L. Silva-Luz 290
Schinus molleC.L. Silva-Luz 291
Schinus gracilipesC.L. Silva-Luz 292
Schinus gracilipesC.L. Silva-Luz 293


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