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A Taxonomic Revision of Camellia (Theaceae) in Indo-China Peninsula

Dongwei Zhao, China

Supervisors: Dr. John Parnell

I examined all Camellia collections conserved in the herbarium of the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (P). All unidentified material of the family Theaceae was checked and sorted into separate genera. All collections of genus Pyrenaria were also examined because sometimes Camellia specimens are wrongly placed there. In total, I examined more than 1,000 sheets of specimens.

I found 117 sheets of Camellia types in this herbarium and collected morphological data for phenetic analysis; most of them are syntypes and the species need lectotypification. I requested that 54 sheets of specimens be sent on loan to TCD, as well as requesting samples from 12 specimens for my molecular or anatomical work. The loan and leaf samples were received recently.

Fortunately, I met a Japanese botanist, Dr. Shuichiro Tagane of Kyushu University, in this herbarium. He gave me much useful information about field work in Indochina and very kindly supplied 13 Camellia samples collected in Indochina for my study. I also got great suggestions from Dr Sovanmoly Hul, my visit host in Paris, about my poster summary prepared for the International Congress ‘Botanical Research in Tropical Asia’ held in Vientiane, Laos and my proposal to join the ongoing ‘Flora of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam’ program.

This work could not have been undertaken without the support of the IAPT grant and I am exceptionally grateful for that support as it has really helped my research.

Report (pdf)

Article 2015, Phytotaxa (pdf)

Article 2017, Taxon (pdf)


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