Congres action on proposals-to-amend Chapter F at the XI IMC,
the 2018, San Juan Congress.  Based on:

      Tom W. May, Scott A. Redhead, Lorenzo Lombard
             & Amy Y. Rossman
     “XI International Mycological Congress:  report of
      Congress action on nomenclature proposals relating to fungi
      (in IMA Fungus 9: xxii-xxvii. 2018).

Proposals F-008 to F-018 were submitted late (dubbed “from the floor”,
although submitted before the beginning of the Section) and were not
included in the Synopsis (and were not available for the guiding vote). 
At the Congress, proposals were dealt with in this order: Prop. F-007,
F-005, F-006, F-012, F-013, F-018, F-001, F-002, F-003, F-004, F-014,
F-008, F-009, F-015, F-016, F-017, F-010, F-011.

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         Applies to    Proposal as submitted Congress action     Comm. advice
Rec. F.10A (new)  – F-007 – Hawksworth & al.   ncf: –

was accepted as amended so that the first sentence became a
new Article, with addition of  “already published”  before 
“name of organisms”  and the addition, after  “may be used”, 
of  “subsequent to the protologue”.  The second sentence
accepted as a new Recommendation.

Art. F.4.2 (new)  – F-005 – Hawksworth & al.  –  sp.c. ncf: –ictf: –
Rec. F.4A (new)  – F-006 – Hawksworth & al.  –  sp.c. ncf: –ictf: ±
Art. F.4.2  – F-012 [‘1’] – Lücking & al.  –  sp.c.  
Art. F.5.5  – F-013 [‘2’] – Lücking & al.  –  sp.c.  
Art. F.10 (new)  – F-018 – Lücking  –  withdrawn  
Art. F.3  – F-001 – Parra & Zamora  –  ed.c. ncf: –
Art. F.3  – F-002 – Parra & Zamora  –  no ncf: +
Rec. F.3A  – F-003 – Hawksworth  –  yes ncf: +
Rec. F.3A Ex. 1-2  – F-004 – Hawksworth  –  ed.c. ncf: +
Art. F.5  – F-014 – May & al.   ncf: +

was accepted as amended,
   - by rejecting the proposed addition to Art. F.5.1,
   - accepting the proposed Art. F.5.9,
   - accepting the proposed addition to Rec. F.5A,
   - and by replacing the proposed new Art. F.5.6-F.5.8 by:

        “Art. F.5.1bis. When the identifier issued for a name by a
         recognized repository is cited incorrectly in the protologue,
         that name may nevertheless be validly published, provide
         that the identifier for the name was issued prior to valid
         publication.  The identifier cited in the protologue is
         treated as a correctable error.

        “Art. F.5.1ter. An identifier remains associated with the
         name or designation for which it was issued.  In order
         for a designation to become validly published, a separate
         identifier must be obtained.

Div. III Prov. 8.3  – F-008 – May & Miller  –  withdrawn  
Div. III Prov. 8.3  – F-009 – May & Miller  –  withdrawn  
Div. III Prov. 8.3  – F-015 – Zamora  –  no  
Div. III Prov. 8.9  – F-016 – Zamora  –  no  
Div. III Prov. 3  – F-017 – Zamora  –  no  
create ed.c.  – F-010 – May  –  withdrawn  

but an ad hoc fungal editorial committee was appointed.

create sp.c.  – F-011 – May  –  yes  


Special Committees (to report to the next IMC) were established:

Special-purpose Committee on DNA Sequences as Types for Fungi.
   (to work closely with the IBC-Committee on the same topic)
   To it were referred: Prop. F-005, F-006, F-012, F-013.

Special-purpose Committee on Names of Fungi with the Same Epithet.


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